Your prayers have been answered!

The Book of Acts is back! 

Jesus Christ Block Parties (JCBP), a unique organization that has ministered to thousands of men, women, and children throughout the Philadelphia region for over 13 years, is taking on a powerful new form of street evangelism: Holy Ghost on Wheels.

What is Holy Ghost on Wheels?

Rather than community outreach in the form of neighborhood block parties, JCBP is now taking the outreach directly on the road in a goal to personally minister to entire families, one household at a time.

During a Holy Ghost on Wheels “mobile ministry” visit with the JCBP team of pastors, evangelists, and intercessors, a family can expect to enjoy a time of Christian fellowship, worship, prayer, and an opportunity for baptism for anyone who would like to publicly declare faith in Jesus Christ.

 What’s the significance of a mobile evangelistic ministry?

 Simply put, JCBP intends to bring the Gospel message directly to people where they live, wherever the ministry – and the message – is welcomed into people’s homes or on their street. Through personal, interactive visits with families, Holy Ghost on Wheels has an evangelistic mission to:

 1.         Explain to all household members the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ as outlined in the Holy Scriptures;
2.         Offer teaching on the purpose of water baptism and the opportunity for adult family members to be baptized;
3.         Provide intercessory prayer for both individuals and the family unit as a whole;  
4.         Offer support for personal Christian growth and discipleship, including Bible study and free Bibles for all household members;
5.         Provide practical resources such as food and clothing distribution or access to Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation whenever needed.

What’s the emphasis on baptism all about?

Anyone who has attended a Jesus Christ Block Party knows that street baptisms are one of the highlights of these amazing outreaches. As we work to spread the Gospel throughout local communities and neighborhoods, giving people the opportunity to publicly declare their personal faith in Jesus Christ through water baptism – whether they’ve been a believer for five minutes or five years – is an important part of JCBP’s ministry. Why?

 The Bible has quite a few things to say about baptism and what it signifies in the life of a believer. For a man or woman who has trusted Christ for eternal salvation, water baptism is an outward act that demonstrates a believer’s intentional decision to repent (that is, to turn from a life of sin), to accept Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross as the atonement for his or her personal sins, and to become born again in the newness of life available in Christ. While the Bible clearly teaches that baptism is not a requirement for salvation, it is a symbolic act of a believer becoming “dead to sin and alive to God,” an act which the ministry of Jesus Christ Block Parties always encourages people to experience for themselves. As part of a visit with the JCBP team through Holy Ghost on Wheels, individuals and their households will partake in Bible study about the importance of baptism and all that it signifies in the life of true, regenerated believers.

 Adult household members who choose to participate in water baptism through Holy Ghost on Wheels will receive a free baptism certificate to mark the occasion. It is the doctrinal position of Jesus Christ Block Parties that young children should not be baptized but rather dedicated to the Lord; in that instance, dedication certificates will be issued to children in place of baptism certificates.

How can I support the Holy Ghost on Wheels ministry?

Holy Ghost on Wheels is a mobile ministry that is remains blessed by the prayer and financial partnership of its donors and supporters. We are always in need of funds to help cover traveling expenses including gas, bridge tolls, and vehicle maintenance, as well as other ministry supplies. If you feel led to prayerfully support this important evangelistic ministry, visit our Donate page here

How can I request a visit from Holy Ghost on Wheels?

 The ministry of Holy Ghost on Wheels is currently working to reach as many households as possible throughout the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If you would like to receive more information about this unique ministry, to schedule a mobile visit, or to book Shawn Lawler or Valerie Todd for a speaking engagement at your church or organization, simply fill out the contact form below. A member of our team will contact you to learn more about you, your household, and explain why you should schedule one of these life-changing visits with the Holy Ghost on Wheels ministry today.

Renew the covenant of marriage!!! The devil hates when husband and wife are unified in prayer, agreeing together in the Holy Spirit because they are a powerful, unstoppable force! We want to ignite passion for the Lord JESUS and for one another!! If you have been praying for restoration, reconciliation, and renewed love for one another in Christ, your prayers have been answered because we are expecting a Holy Ghost explosion! 

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.”

Acts 16:31 NIV 

Household Salvation