Shawn Lawler's 10-Year Anniversary Block Party Interview

Mark and Marie Russian

Mark Russian is an ordained pastor who has ministered to hundreds of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. He is the founder of Street Disciples, a prayer ministry with a mission to share the Gospel with those in need on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Marie Russian, continue to bless the ministry of Jesus Christ Block Parties with their work for the Lord. 

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The JCBP Team

Shawn Lawler's testimony and interview on how Jesus Christ Block Parties got started

Rick Cartagena, Board Chair

Rick Cartagena is an ordained pastor and the Director of Evangelism with Christian Life Prison & Recovery Ministry (CLPRM) ( in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Brenda Cartagena, provide an integral part of the ministry team of Jesus Christ Block Parties with their preaching, music worship, and children's ministry.

Shawn Lawler, President

Shawn Lawler is a street evangelist who has spent the past decade proclaiming the Gospel on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, training pastors and churches to set up their own block parties and helping many men and women recover from the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction. He is the author of One Step to the Cross: It is Finished, his autobiographical account of his own bout with addiction and his personal faith in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ Block Parties: Evangelizing Step by Step, Street by Street. Shawn resides in Philadelphia with his two daughters and grandson. 

Shawn is also the founder and president of One Step to the Cross, a Christian online clothing retailer (

Chuck Miller, Vice-President

Chuck Miller is an ordained pastor and the director of Shall Never Thirst Ministries (, a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chuck and his wife, Kristin Miller, and the men affiliated with Shall Never Thirst are critical and amazing members of the JCBP team, as they are responsible for the transport, set-up and removal of  chairs, tables, sound equipment, and much more at each block party. In addition to their ministry with Jesus Christ Block Parties, Chuck and Kristin help many individuals in need of drug and alcohol recovery.